Education for All! Recent Happening in India

​ The Captian Amarinder Singh-led governament in Punjab has announced free education for girls in governament schools and colleges from Nursery to Ph. D This seems to be a good step in India. A country can never make progress without its nation's literacy. They have started to count females in the race to success. If... Continue Reading →


The Behavior with Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Arab Islamic American Summit

Firstly, purpose of this summit was to collaborate the whole Islamic world on one international forum. For this, project of International Armed Force of Islamic Countries: Islamic Military Alliance was inaugurated. The Islamic Military Alliance would be chaired by Ex-Army Chief of Pakistan.  Pakistan is the only country which has nuclear power while comparing it with other Islamic countries and it... Continue Reading →

Single Story

People only stick to single story to collect all the facts and figures. This perception and approach is critically wrong. Sticking to one view, one story, one person, one book, one journal, one moment, one incident and one perception will not be enough to find all the reason beings. In this age, people are not... Continue Reading →

Heart of Hope

How will you share your story? Heart of hope has been broken by someone; Support was given, then you left alone by someone; Heart of hope has been broken by someone; How do we say our story? Being burning in the fire of love; There is not any destination or even sign of destination; Where... Continue Reading →

Mashal Khan-Blasphemy Victim

Another victim of so-called blasphemy, Mashal Khan, a student of mass communication at  Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Firstly, does any individual has right to take a decision that anyone has committed blasphemy, abuse, to have the wrong character, the wrong personality, so called a pudi disturbance. Secondly, is any individual have right to... Continue Reading →

People’s Behaviour Shift!

People need their place in your heart. They need your full attention, support, love, affection and company. They are always finding the soft corner in their life while using any one. Some people also use your attention, support, love anything to pursue their needs, goals and achievements. No matter on which level you are loyal... Continue Reading →

Excuses V/S Opportunity

In this era, being bilingual & multi-skilled is very important. A man having only one skill in this age has nothing to do with running the race of life. He/She has to learn, unlearn and relearn. Now a days, every multinational company even national companies require their employee to have more than one skill. You... Continue Reading →

One of the Condition of Islam; Hijab!

 Seventy of women is covering all the body except the face. The main reason behind not covering the face is to recognize someone as someone's wife, sister, daughter, mother or maid. This condition has been imposed on women by Islam. Though, in any other religion, there is not any condition. Like in Christianity They may... Continue Reading →

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