The Behavior with Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Arab Islamic American Summit

Firstly, purpose of this summit was to collaborate the whole Islamic world on one international forum. For this, project of International Armed Force of Islamic Countries: Islamic Military Alliance was inaugurated. The Islamic Military Alliance would be chaired by Ex-Army Chief of Pakistan. 

Pakistan is the only country which has nuclear power while comparing it with other Islamic countries and it plays very important role in the Muslim community of the world.

On Arab Islamic American Summit, they didn’t let the Prime Minister of Pakistan to speech on that forum. What does this show?


US-Saudi Arabia seal weapons deal worth nearly $110 billion immediately,
$350 billion over 10 years.
What does Saudi Arabia want to show?
Can you find the Prime Minister of Pakistan in this picture?

How social media reacted to this incident?



Photoshoped Picture!


Pakistanis have to think about the reasons of this happening. Is Pakistan having no worth on international forum? Where CPEC is there in your lap, then why the world is not letting you have some respect?


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