An Interesting Experience of Volunteering

Visited home after almost two months. I boarded at 11:45PM on March 22 and stepped in my house at 07:00AM on March 23. I saw the rush of people near hospital situated 100 meters away from my house.

I asked my mother, “what’s going on there?” Then I came to know that “Haji Mahar Deen Trust, Karachi” was arranging 3-day free cataract surgery camp for poor people, where almost 1000 patients will be operated free and more than 2000 patients would be checked free. My mother told that they had the shortage of volunteers to control people, for documentation and for guiding people to the right booth.

I asked my mother to let me serve my one day to this camp as a volunteer. She was like. Wow, go and help. So I decided to give my one day (March 23, as the camp was starting at 09:00AM) to this camp from my three-day tour.

29060686_840405989499891_1467971689518771750_o (1)

MNA Amir Iqbal Shah inaugurated the camp.

Every person I guided, documented their information gave me the sense of thankfulness posture, and a lots of prayers.

I decided to write this just to make a memory of today and to tell other students, friends in my community. If I have had ego and attitude problems I would have never gone there to help very poor who even not have the basic needs of life.


All the happening of previous day made me feel high, proud. I am thankful to “Haji Mahar Deen Trust, Karachi” for arranging this activity here in my village (362/WB, Teh. Dunyapur Dis. Lodhran).

Here is some feedback on social media community:

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