Single Story

People only stick to single story to collect all the facts and figures. This perception and approach is critically wrong. Sticking to one view, one story, one person, one book, one journal, one moment, one incident and one perception will not be enough to find all the reason beings. In this age, people are not ready to listen to others, they are not ready to see the environment from another eye. Reason behind this is, they don’t want to get indulge in that circumstance, that may give different results from their own perception and understanding, actually they make a rough sketch about that thing, that environment, that problem or anything, that incident at first. And the rest of the time they will make their sketch right or they will find exactly matching fact and will never be interested to get another perspective. This approach in daily life is damaging happy life.

If someone is in a good relationship, and both are enjoying it at the peak. Due to any reason, there might be a problem arise that could be a lack of trust. One partner is possessive about another. If there is less ignorance from another partner, this will do more damage because that first partner will make a sketch in one’s mind of distrust, and first’s mind will try to ignore all these circumstances firstly, secondly if it continues then the first person’s mind will try to make or collect every bit of distrust. This is the main damage because of just sticking to a single story. If first partner asks about the problem and get to know the circumstances, then there could be a different situation.

There was a woman, black one. She read books written by white writers. She just attached with those books and became a writer in initial age. She said that her most of the characters were white and blue eyed eating apples, enjoying the cold weather. But she never tried to read the books written by local writers. Once when she tried. She was completely shocked by looking this. All the stories that she read was consisted upon black characters, eating fruits grown in hot countries and living in the summer. These stories were completely away from the first perception that was created in her mind. But she, changed her mind, observed both circumstances and wrote some awesome books.

Mind traps are also one type of single story. Our mind starts to make traps like unrealistic expectations, rigid thinking and over analyzing. This over analyzing and unrealistic expectations are totally based on a single story as they are created due to our own perception without knowing the fact. Not knowing the fact may weak our relationships and this poor gap between mind traps and realistic circumstances may lead us to failure.

In conclusive paragraph, I would like to say that don’t just go for a single story. You have to see all the views of that story. When you visit people, a number of stories will be popped up. This type of approach may help you in making and understanding the circumstances well to access the right method for success.

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