Student Trapped Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, Pakistan

An initiative for students by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief. This initiative was supposed to help students with education problems to compete with the world’s technology. But the sadistic thing is, students are Pakistani and most of them are Muslims as well. Why am I calling this matter sadistic: The reason being is: many of the students trapped Governments Criteria(system) of distributing laptops.

How they trapped their system?

Clearly mentioned condition on every poster, advertising media, emails and university notices was, “No laptop will be given to those students, who have received laptops under any scheme by the Government.” Students trapped their information by updating their information on the website

Most of the students filled their information that they hadn’t received laptop ever. They succeeded in trapping Government and had got the laptop twice by not only being loyal to themselves as well as to their country along with Islam. This act is somewhat snatching the rights of others by making them your own rights forcefully.

Now what should be the strategy of Government in finding those black sheep and making the right choice? My question from Government is, “Why has Government closed its eyes towards these black sheep? If our future generation, our students have done this. What you can expect from the next generation?” Government should take both laptops back and must put plenty by fining them heavy amount of Rupees (canceling the admission) because of trapping Government and HEC!

Those needy students whom the rights have been snatched should raise the voice before the Government against those students.


I have interviewed a boy who had received the laptop in previous scheme and in latest scheme III too. I asked him that how was he feeling after having another laptop by trapping the Government. I was surprised when he gave me the answer, “I don’t feel regret, everyone is going to cheat Government, why not me? I am going to take this laptop, whatever be the conditions.” and he succeeded in his mission. He’d got the laptop. Many deserving students remained away from getting laptops due to these black sheep.


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