Sophia-The Beginning of the End

Hi, I am a citizen of Pakistan, which is a developing country. No doubt, implementation of existing knowledge, ideas, methods, procedures and processes is much required in every aspect of life. Robotics is a very rare concept in Pakistan. There are few industries that are using robots for higher production. What is a robot? A mechanical device (electronic too) to interact with the environment. Saudi Arabia is a first country that has provided citizenship to a robot named Sophia by Hanson Robotics.

Saudia is one of those countries who does not provide citizenship to humans. But it has provided citizenship to a robot. No doubt, this was great news.

Scientists predict artificial intelligence will replace human workers, as highly-skilled robots look set to take over
Sophia was asked in conference that how you will behave with human and with robots. She anwsered, i will behave same as they will behave to me.

Sophia is designed to help with complex problems, design innovative things and to incorporate maximum probability towards success of any project. This will surely replace the humans headache about this work.


This picture shows the stages of modern industry. The industry is going to have jerk, the jerk of success, the jerk of minimizing errors, the jerk of optimum production and the jerk of less human involvement making environment more reliable and safer. Industry 4.0 is a concept where every single machine is operated by IIoT Industrial Internet of Thing. The robots will implement a proactive approach where the problem will be detected and solved. Clouding is already launched. Everything is connected via internet. Soon, we will be use to robots as we are use to electricity. If electricity breakdown occurs, then we can not do anything. we are so depended on it. Robots will be used widely. Humans will be depended on them for every work. Then, the countdown will start! Countdown of end!



Maximum dimensions and possibilities of design will be incorporated by robots. The human’s world will be at ease for the short period. Everything will be optimized. Then the algorithm will detect that humans are ending the world so the algorithm will start ending humans. Human has said that humans are superior to any other specie. We have decided that we are above every other creation. We have decided that everything is for us. We have decided that we will use everything on earth for us. We are saving Pandas and other animals and mammals just because we love them. They are a beautiful part of the scenery that we like. The scenery of world. The robots will find that they are serving to us. They are used as labor. Human will be the one who will give the power to the robot to think just like a man but more optimizily. Humans have a unique capability. The capability is to learn from the past, to learn from the errors. Humans know the consequences of furious behavior, their stress levels get low down with the time. But robots have not this capability. Once they have got furious on mankind. Then the beginning of the end will rise.


Clouding is the modern concept of saving and managing data online. According to The Economist survey in 2017:

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.



Everything is connected with internet. Many of the companies are providing the facility to store your data in their data warehouses. Have you ever thought that we are living on numbers only? Credit card or Debit card! The number goes up. You can buy everything. The number goes down. You cannot even buy your one time meal. The number is the credit of your account. If the data storing agency seals all the network. Just think, where will the world stand?

The beginning of the End! by Muhammad Umar Farooq

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