Silence! Being Silent!

Well, there was a cultural day in my department of school on March 17. This event was announced by the organizers, just three to four days ago. I was very frightened that what should be my dressing as i belonged to a village near Multan. I came up with a decision that i will buy... Continue Reading →


Stress Management: A Review

  Stress occurs when pressure is greater than the resource. Basically stress is body's reaction to any physical or emotional changes in our body or life respectively. It includes the release of harmone named adrelene that increases breathing, heart beat rate and blood sugar levels. It also diverts the blood flow direction from our digestive... Continue Reading →

Explaining to Others may or may not be Helpful!

Firstly, does it need to explain everything to others? Secondly, they may get everything or perceive every word of you according the way they want to understand. If they perceive everything according to their mentality,  then what the point we are able to presume! That point is everybody have their own experience, preferences, perceptions and... Continue Reading →

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