People’s Behaviour Shift!

People need their place in your heart. They need your full attention, support, love, affection and company. They are always finding the soft corner in their life while using any one. Some people also use your attention, support, love anything to pursue their needs, goals and achievements. No matter on which level you are loyal to them, they will always be looking for their own work, fulfilling their needs and meeting their goals. If they find less loyalty, low interest due to any reason, they change their behaviours. Very few of them will ask you about the real circumstances that you are facing and making you low interested in them. Shifting behaviour is easy, but going in flow and keeping your loyalty high with another person is very tough task for mean people. They just cannot wait for everything to settle down or they don’t even try to settle the environment and eliminating the cause that is affected by their relationship. In fact, the reality is this, that are so much busy before their goal which makes, having zero present integrity of that person who was loyal to them for so much time.

“If they made a monster out of you because you walked away from their drama, so be it. Let them deal with what they have created. Be at peace with yourself, and stay out of conflict.” ~Dodinsky

People are sometimes so mean, “they forget who are you? And what are you to them?”. They are just connected with their own work and duty. And to fulfil their duty, they make even a donkey, their father. They just seek your attention for their own sake. Very few of them really care about you, very few of them have to do with your behaviour, your goals, your personality, your work, your support and your company without any meaning. Believe you me, you are never going to find people like they are.

Just because your pain is understandable does not mean your behavior is acceptable.

This is the quotation told by many people, they just care about themselves. If you are broken, your relationship is ended last morning, your shares are going down, your grades are not going well. They just understand to the level on which they want to understand. Others will perceive only the way like they want to understand.

If you are hurt, nobody is going to console you but very few. Believe you me, they are real friends, the rest is just pebbles, they are real diamonds. Never lose these diamonds. Very few people in the world get these diamonds.

People who ruin their own lives have a strong tendency to blame others when things go wrong.

NeromarketingThere are some people who could be your colleagues, friends, bosses, employees or anyone, who ruin their life by wasting opportunities and do not cope up with the factors meeting the standard of life. People who could not maintain their standards due to not accepting the differences will blame you every single point, they have got. They will put every single pebble on you to put you down, they will try to force their failure on you. They will change their behaviour. You have to build you up to face any type of behaviour with them. Their behaviours must not affect your productivity, effectiveness, enthusiasm and moral. All you have to do is just keep calm, let your life go with the flow and ignore such demotivating and rude behaviours. They can never be your well-wisher.

A few days back, I had an experience. I was attached to a number of people. I suddenly focused that when people start to value someone else more about you, it means, something is wrong. When I collected all the facts and figures. I got a point that there is another reason behind shifting behaviours and that was people start to get bored. Same personality, same jokes, same company, etc. all of these reasons just make them bore. No matter how sincere you are to them. The reason behind this is, they need a change in you according to their perception. But changing you just for other people might not be right decision always.

All you have to do is just take your time and give them time. This might be a good decision. Let them chose that they want to continue or not. Let them chose that they want to be with or not. Always imposing yourself made decisions on others are not always right. Let them think they can bear you or not.

And the solution for those people who have not good intentions and behaviours is that you never have to bounce your behaviour back, you never have to be rude in reply, all you have to do is just ignore and give them time to reconsider you.

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