Excuses V/S Opportunity

In this era, being bilingual & multi-skilled is very important. A man having only one skill in this age has nothing to do with running the race of life. He/She has to learn, unlearn and relearn. Now a days, every multinational company even national companies require their employee to have more than one skill.

You have excuses along with you, not the opportunity always. 

When someone is asked to get up, stand up, raise his/her voice, to be the change, to inspire others, to learn something new from others, to share their experiences and story of success to others, to publicise their work, to train people, to save people, to have something,  to be something,  to accept the differences, this could be anything that is being asked by you. All you have to do is, just be yourself and get up.

No matter what, you have to get up, dress up and show up.

The person right in front of you may be not well aware of your excuses, your circumstances, your reasons, your problems. You have excuses, others are not giving a shit to them. Just what you have to do is get up. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter what the condition is. You have to get up by not showing others that you are not capable of. Then, you have to dress up, no matter how poor are you, no matter what you have or not. People are going to judge by the face and by the experience. The third party may be not well aware about you then what? You must never give any single chance to pass a bad comment even impression on you. If you are well dressed, it does not mean that you have to just wear well infact it means you have to be fully prepared about every problem that you are facing right in front of you. Then, you have to show up. No matter you have eaten your breakfast since last three days or not. No matter you have money for lunch or not. No matter you have anything to eat in dinner or not. All you have to do is, just be assertive, positive attitude towards you and towards others. You have to be so much confident that you can persue others.

When you are asked to do something new, to practice something new. Just do it. The reason of this is that, you may or may not find opportunity like this in future. But once you have shown your excuses, that you are not gonna do this, or you have fear of unknown, you have fear to fail. Then you are never gonna learn any new thing. Then you may  never get opportunity like this in future.

Five second rule: When you are being asked by someone to do something then you only have five seconds, if you answer yes, then that may get you a good or bad experience but experience. But if you have wasted first five seconds, then 95% you are gonna say no to that activity.

For example, on Bonfire Night in my university. I was being asked by two of my friends to come up and dance with them. I started to show excuses that i have never done this. But once if i had said yes then next time there would not be opportunity to say anyone that i have never danced before. I wasted that opportunity to have fun by dancing and had my all excuses with me. I really regret

Try to be rainbow on someone else’s  clouds.

Here is noble saying that You may never get that opportunity back, so eliminate all the excuses and get up to gain that opportunity.

Nobody knows,”opportunity, you were affraid of, may open new doors in your life to grow in professional field”. You never know how many people just wish to have opportunities that you just waste by making excuses.

It is easy on the end of every day to put work on next day, to put projects on next day, but next day comes up with new projects, new problems and new opportunities. Time and opportunity will pass but your excuses will keep you right there unchanged.

If you are disappointed of yesterday, get up and make opportunities happen on today to make better tomorrow.

Life is not bed of roses, where you will find the food cooked, opportunities created. You may have to create your opportunities yourself, so if you are finding any then go for it, just don’t waste this because of your excuses. 

New skills could be learnt if you not show excuses. You have to choose between excuses and opportunity. You have to choose between being on the track of your destination or being on the track of unknown place.
Excuses are like a posion that kill people day by day. Say no to Excuses.


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