Silence! Being Silent!

Well, there was a cultural day in my department of school on March 17. This event was announced by the organizers, just three to four days ago. I was very frightened that what should be my dressing as i belonged to a village near Multan. I came up with a decision that i will buy a new suit and will be wearing it. Due to busy routine i could not find time to go market to buy a Kurrta Shalwar.

A day before cultural day ceremony, i asked two of my friends out of nine friends(Actually they are all friends because everyone who has personal relations with other two or three guys, wants to include them in every meeting that he/she attends). They just said with white face, we are not going, you should manage this kind of stuff before time. For the first time i realized that i am in wrong people. May be i was wrong. I came back in my room, asked myself that how could i be such kind a person. The person who cheers them all, the person who helps them all in studies, the person who gives them company. Then the result was that, I made myself so much indulged into them that they didn’t feel any hesitation to say no to me.

They all enjoyed the event. I was sitting in my room in dark thinking that nobody missed me, nobody wanted my presence, nobody became sad because i wasn’t coming in that event. They laughed, laughed and laughed. I wept, wept and wept. Then i came up with this result

Yes! Silence! Being silent is best revenge. Being silent in this case that i have to create my worth. Being silent in this case that i have to go forward from every circumstances alone. No doubt there is need of some people. But the thing is “You have to be self dependent”.

Be Silent, Observe, Act!


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