Stress Management: A Review


Stress occurs when pressure is greater than the resource.

Basically stress is body’s reaction to any physical or emotional changes in our body or life respectively. It includes the release of harmone named adrelene that increases breathing, heart beat rate and blood sugar levels. It also diverts the blood flow direction from our digestive system to our muscles like leg muscle or arm muscle.

There might be few catagories fall under stress heading like

  1. Tension, anxiety(nervessness), worry, fear of unknown and the things that we can not control.
  2. Physical, emotional or behavioural reaction towards any challenge.
  3. Positive when kept in balance.

There might be different causes of stress like mentioned below

Stress at home:

  • Death of any friend, near relative or in family.
  • Illness of self or of anyone from family.
  • Marriage of self or sister or any relative.
  • Pragnency of self or any relative.
  • Child birth in family.
  • Child’s behaviour is not good in family or else any where.
  • Child’s performance is not good at school.
  • Not having enough money to meet the living standard of life.
  • Pick pocketed or money or document lost.

Stress at work place:

  • Excessive work load.
  • Train the team and take work from them.
  • Giving new results.
  • Fear of publications if you are in research sector.
  • Support from boss.
  • Control the staff under you.
  • Working overtime.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Behaviour of colleagues.

Negative self talk:

  • Passimistic thinking.
  • Over analyzing.
  • Self criticism.

Mind traps:

  • Exaggeration.
  • Wrong expectations.
  • Rigid thinking.
  • Taking things personally.

There are some types of stress due to some signs like

  1. Physical signs
  2. Emotional signs
  3. Mental signs
  4. Behavioural signs

Very basic types of stress are

  1. Acute Stress
  2. Chronic Stress

Acute stress:

Acute stress is basically short term stress which occurs for less than a week. You may find the solution by “Fight or Flight”¬†mechanism.

Chronic stress:

Chronic stress is basically long term stress. You have to get proper medication or treatment from any respective doctor or psychologist respectively.

There are another type of stress that are mentioned below;

  1. Positive stress
  2. Negative stress

Positive stress:

  • Enables concentration.
  • Increase performance.
  • Energize your action.

Negative stress:

  • Decrease productivity and effectiveness.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Physical, mental or behavioural problems

Tips to Control Stress:

  1. Breathe! Deep Breathing Helps.
  2. Get Plenty of Exercise.
  3. Be Assertive, Positive Attitude towards Yourself and Other.
  4. Get Organised, Structured Approach towards Problem.
  5. Ventilation: “A problem shared is a problem halved”.
  6. Humor, Go, Visit your Friend, Remember Memories and Find Humor.
  7. Diversion and Distraction.
  8. Time Management, It is key to success.

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