Switch Your Profile Picture, If You Are My Friend! But Why?

I received this picture with a condition to change my profile picture with this one to show that i am his/her friend.​

I wondor, i received this picture from many of my friends on whatsapp. This and many other profile pictures on social media are just switched to show that we are following the trend. 

Similarly i was asked to change my profile picture with a long caption of being or not being friend. Tell me, is tgis criteria of judging any person that he is your friend or not. A person hasitates to share his/her feelings about here infront of him/her, has to worry that if he/she doesn’t changed profile picture. He might be considered as not being a crazy or good friend of sender. Really? 

Wait! let me change the trend for myself. I am not changing or updating any status by following this shitty trend. What does this picture represents? Is it worth that which can replace your profile picture.

I think this is wrong! If you have to check the friendship. Just be loyal to your friend, in return you will see how loyal your friend is. This is wrong thinking as well as wrong trend. Like we feel proud if we switch our profile picture by show other contacts that we might have many friends. In real, you may haven’t any loyal friend. I prefer that making and showing friendship in our daily routine/ behaviour.

Be the change! You don’t need to follow any shitty trend to show your loyality on the social media! You just have to do is that Be Loyal!


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